Why Us

As Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) certified farms we are already held to higher standards of environment-friendly practices and our day-to-day farming reflects that belief. Apart from these standards, we also harvest the rainwater which is used for irrigating the plants and for communal needs. Our beans are gently handpicked and manually sorted by skilled women. The beans are patio-dried under the soft winter sunlight, allowing for their natural flavor to develop. In addition we use solar power, wherever possible.

We are also committed to helping the communities that work and live on our farms by providing housing, electricity, potable water and childcare.

*Coffee Board of India is an autonomous body functioning under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, set up under an act of the Parliament of India in the year 1942. The board focuses on research, development, extension, quality, upgradation, market information, and the domestic and external promotions of coffees of India

Wellness retreats coming soon!
And we have bigger plans too! In keeping with our philosophy of nature and wellness, we will soon bring to you, our wellness retreat. So you too, can visit and enjoy, not just endless cups of delectable coffee and healthy, delicious food, but also a little slice of heaven - clean mountain air and peace of mind, body and soul. Our prospective customers will receive a business discount of 25% for their stay with us!

And did we forget to mention – free wifi? Call or email us, for a sample, a visit to the farm, or for any information. We would love to hear from you!