Our Estate

Our Estates : Balekola and Balupet

We represent Indian Coffee at its best!

Our Coffee is cultivated at exceptional skill and processed to delectable perfection with commitment to quality and a heritage of excellence.

We have plantations located at Chikmagalur, a mountainous region in Southern India known as the Western Ghats. The tropical monsoon rainforest climate combined with an elevated altitude of about 4000ft above sea level is conducive to the growth of high quality coffee. We produce approximately 250 tons [200 arabica and 50 robusta] grown under the shade of two tier trees.

Coffee cultivation under tree canopies is a unique feature and few places in the world utilize this method. Apart from the canopy cover, we have pepper vines, cardamom and other spices grown amongst the coffee bushes which enhance the flavor of the coffee to give it a hint of spices