Who We Are

Jayabharathi Exports is a registered company founded by Jayaprasad Halse Byregowda in 1999, a man with a vision to connect coffee drinkers from around the world with the farmers, who grow the bean on the other side. The name is an endearing testimony to the founder and his wife, Bharathi who is his co-pilot in all his coffee endeavours. We are also a women-strong company of three sisters, daughters of the founder, and fourth-generation coffee-growers who are wholly committed to the art of growing and trading superior coffee in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Shree is the eldest daughter and has a background in marketing and communications and several years of experience in corporate America. Motherhood and a strong desire to continue the work of her father, led her to create her own coffee importing company in the United States. When she’s not actively helping raise generation five, she can be found in Chikmagalur, India, helping promote our coffee.

Nandini the middle one, is an entrepreneur and a yogi! Her strength lies in bringing the family together and managing different roles within the business. Taking the high quality beans to the next level, she recently developed a brand to sell roasted coffee throughout the U.S.

Gowri, is the youngest and our most creative asset! Her forte in design adds a unique touch to an otherwise tough business. She is also our feet on the ground. She spearheads the farm in India while also running her own clothing design house.

The indomitable spirit of their ever-optimistic father and a shared passion for their coffee heritage, brought all three daughters back into the world of coffee. Each one of them has unique strengths that are essential in running the farm and driving the coffee trade.